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Guest Lecture by Dr Ramesh in Rajalakshmai engg college

NIQR Student Chapter-Rajalakshmi Engineering College

Lecture on Automotive Materials

Department of Automobile Engineering, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Thandalam organised a guest lecture for the Automobile Engineering Students on 31st January 2015. The topic was `Automotive Materials` and Dr. P. Ramesh Co-opted member of NIQR HQ was the guest lecturer. About 70 students of IV & V Semester Automobile Engineering and faculty attended the program.

Dr. K. Bhaskar, Professor & Head, Automobile Engineering introduced the speaker to the audience. Dr. P. Ramesh gave an overview of materials used in auto industry covering various topics:

  • Materials used in automotive application:  metals, plastics, rubbers, etc.
  • Recent trends in automotive materials
  • Light weight concepts and materials - Mg Castings, High performance engineering plastics, Carbon fibre reinforced plastics to replace steels
  • Composites for automotive application
  • New generation materials such as Micro alloyed steels, Carbon fibres, Graphenes, Conductive plastics, bio plastics, TPE`s, Flame retardant Polymers etc
  • Hazardous in automotive materials and regulations & directives
  • powder metallurgy
  • heat treatment processes

The students were very interactive and the Q & A session prolonged for 20 minutes.                         Dr. K. Bhaskar proposed a vote of thanks and wanted frequent programs from NIQR