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Lecture Meeting by Sqn. Ldr. Unni Nair on 1st Nov 2014

We organised an Evening Lecture on 1st Nov 2014 in our Conference Hall. The topic was “Live life in High Definition” and the guest speaker was Sqn Ldr Unni Nair (Retd). The audience were thrilled with the delivery of Mr. Unni and were literally singing to the tunes of Mr. Unni. He made them identify the potentials one has, to be brave enough to live the life of one’s dreams to the fullest and excel in all that one does, because Mediocrity is ordinary and all are capable of being extraordinary. He drove the point of everybody making the choice to live one’s life to the fullest because Life is special and it deserves being worthy!! Mr. C. Sundaravadivelu, Treasurer, Mr. N. Jagannatha Rao, EC Member and Mr. A. Pradeep, EC Member evaluated the paper presentations from 24th Jun 2015 to 1st Jul 2015.