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Excel Lean Auto Cluster, Hosur Project


Excel Lean Auto Cluster, Hosur Project

Activities at Hosur and Bangalore are progressing well under the guidance of NIQR HQ. Counselors make regular visit to cluster companies and guide them for improving their operations in line with the Road Map.


Cluster companies get benefit of their staff getting trained in the subjects related to Lean manufacturing. This training is offered to the cluster member companies free of cost. As a first program, 5S training was conducted by Mr. S. Murugan, ECM of NIQR Chennai Branch on 9th April 2016 at Conference Hall of Hosur Small and Tiny Industries Association where 18 participants benefitted.  After theory session in the forenoon, the participants were taken to Sri Balaji Fabrications Works for a hands-on practical session. The training was well appreciated and the participation was excellent. The training program was so good that many cluster companies have requested for a separate session in their own premises to cover all the employees of the respective companies. The program was coordinated by Mr. M. V. Prakash, NIQR Senior Counselor.