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Convention Secretary’s Message

Message from Convention Secretary…

Season’s Greetings to all,

Meticulous planning and execution of all activities combined with excellent team work made our Global Quality Convention a grand one. We have spent considerable time in finalising the theme and venue; getting inputs from all senior members helped us in taking two bold steps

      1. Organising the convention in Chennai Trade Centre – a big shift from star hotels and

      2. Arriving at the theme “Digital Quality for Disruptive Future”- focusing on the disruptive future trends in the Global Scenario in line with the future that is approaching our Industry at a Rapid Pace and get a feel of the transformation one has to embrace for success.

We planned a lot of new initiatives and executed them on time to ensure the convention is attended by 1000+ delegates; again a mega step in terms of size.

Some of them are:


  1. The initial flyer was dispatched to a record 12000+ potential delegates and organisations which created a good visibility for NIQR
  2. The e-copies of the final brochure was mailed to all the potential delegates and organisations
  3. The launching of a dedicated website for the convention created a lot of interest and made the way for the convention to become truly Global.
  4. We developed an Apps for the convention delegates for excellent networking
  5. We were very active in all the popular social media, namely, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; the postings developing many likes and tweets.
  6. For the local public, we created advertisements in English and local language in FM Radios, namely, Suryan FM, Chennai Mirchi & Hello FM
  7. 50 of the metropolitan buses carried advertisements, on their back creating a lot of interest on the convention and NIQR for the average public.

Considerable time and energy were spent in finalising the sessions and speakers; we have brought the thought leaders, experts of industries, researchers, innovators and analysts of various sectors on one common platform to discuss the critical developments in technology, share their success stories and business models that can help leverage, and revolutionise the way industries will function in the years to come.

The organising of the exhibition was a big challenge and the young and energetic team of volunteers from Ashok Leyland ensured that the exhibition is a big success.

The success of any big event stems from the support given by the sponsors and the entire NIQR team place on record its heartfelt thanks for all the sponsors.

Last but not the least the team DEKO – service providers for all the infrastructure at the venue gave us peaceful nights by ensuring all the activities planned were executed in true spirit.

I take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all the Sponsors, Exhibitors, Honourable Speakers and Guests, Members of various Committees, Service Providers, Ashok Leyland team and above all the Organisations who deputed the delegates for the grand success of the 16th edition of the NIQR Convention. 


With regards,

C V Gowri Sankar