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CYK memorial LECTURE 2018

Prof. C. Y. Krishnamurthy Memorial Lecture Meeting

NIQR Chennai Branch organises Annual Lecture Meeting in memory of Prof. C. Y. Krishnamurthy. This year it was organised on 15th December 2018 at Hotel Radha Regent Chennai. Mr. Gopi Koteeswaran, CEO, LatentView Analytics was the Guest Speaker.

Mr. S. Rajasekaran, National Vice President, NIQR welcomed the gathering and spoke about Prof CYK and what we should inherit from him.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, National Secretary welcomed the speaker, Mr. Gopi Koteeswaran with a bouquet; Dr. A. Sanjeeva Rao, former National President welcomed the Chief Guest, Prof. Ravindran with a bouquet; Mr. V. Raghavan, National Treasurer welcomed Mr. Arvind, grandson of CYK with a bouquet.

Mr. G. Rangarajan, former Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch recalled his nostalgic memories with Prof CYK and narrated Prof CYK’s involvement as one of the founder members of NIQR & QCFI.

Mr. Murugan, Vice Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch introduced the speaker Mr. Gopi Koteeswaran. In 2010, he was named CEO of Philip’s DirectLife, a health and wellness business. He has been the CEO of LatentView Analytics since January 2014.

Mr. Gopi as he is fondly called started his lecture on “Enhancing Product and Quality Perceptions in the Digital Age” with a video on dollarshaveclub. He spent good amount of time in enthralling the audience how small players are taking on heavyweights in the industry with data analytics. The mantra for success of today’s startups is use of analytics in identifying the trends in different fields and be the first to introduce in the market. The use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has taken leaps and bounds in lot of industries but he explained, still human intervention is necessary at the appropriate time.

His analysis of new-age automobiles with plenty of sensors and how data analytics help the majors to understand the needs/behaviour of customers quickly was well appreciated by the audience. Mr. Gopi engaged the audience well and appreciated questions during the lecture itself and kept the audience happy.

Mr. S. Rajasekaran honoured the speaker with a shawl and memento.

Mr. P. M. Karthick, ECM, NIQR Chennai Branch introduced the Chief Guest of the event. Prof. Ravindran heads the Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBC-DSAI) at IIT Madras, is a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the co-director of the Reconfigurable and Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) group at IIT Madras.

Prof. Ravindran was so impressed by the topic chosen by Mr. Gopi that he also prepared well for a mini-lecture and enthralled the audience with Connected Data, Controlling Complex Systems, etc. Mr. G. Rangarajan aptly summed up that NIQR would love to have a full length lecture from the Professor.

Dr. A. Sanjeeva Rao honoured the Chief Guest with a shawl and memento.

Mr. Karthick delivered a vote of thanks.