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NIQR Pondy Branch Lecture Meeting

A case study on the Shainin Technique

Monthly Evening Lecture Programs

December 2018

On 14th December 2018, NIQR Pondy Branch organised an evening lecture programme at Dynamic AC Hall, Therasa Street, Pondicherry.

Mr. Venkatakrishnan - Chairman, NIQR Pondy Branch organised a presentation of a case study on Shainin Technique by a team of young professionals from Lucas TVS - Pondicherry division. He personally explained about the background of the technique, shared his expertise and clarified questions from students of MVIT who participated in large numbers.

Following that Mr. R. Ganesan, Treasurer - NIQR Pondy Branch gave a talk on forthcoming FMEA Manual - Edition 5 which is an alignment of FMEA manuals of AIAG and that of German. He explained how risk assessment will be done as per new manual without considering RPN.

Vice-Chairmen of the Branch, Dr. Ramachandran and Dr. Radjaraman facilitated the meeting attended by about 30 participants. Mr. Albert - EC Member volunteered to release a Face book page for wider communication of chapter activities.

Mr. Venkatakrishnan concluded that Pondy Branch can organise a convention on Kaizen, Problem Solving, QC Circle etc to bring greater awareness of the Branch in Pondy based industries.