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Guest Lecture by Col Chakravarthy at AVIT on 23rd Jan 2019

NIQR Student Chapter - Aarupadaiveedu Institute of Technology

Guest Lecture on "Relevance of QMS in the scenario of emerging Industries 4.0"


NIQR Student Chapter of Aarupadaiveedu Institute of Technology organised a guest lecture for the students of Mechanical Engineering Department.

Mr. Col K. S. Chakravarthi (Retd), ECM of Chennai Branch NIQR delivered a lecture on "Relevance of QMS in the scenario of emerging Industries 4.0" on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 from 1330 to 1600 hrs with a 10 minutes break in the middle. About 80 students of Automobile Engineering and faculty attended the program. Mr. Kalyan Kumar, AP of Mechanical Department was the coordinator for the program.

Dr. Vijendra Babu, Vice Principal, inaugurated the session; Prof Babu, HOD ME Dept, spoke about NIQR Student Chapter and the benefits for the students.

Col. Chaks, as he likes to be addressed, explained the basics of QMS in today’s industrial scenario and how one has to use these concepts in the emerging industrial scenario. 

The students and faculty members thanked the coordinator for arranging a lecture on a useful topic and expressed their desire to have lectures on various TQM concepts in future.