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Philatelic Show by Prof. D. R. Kiran

Philatelic Show by Prof. D. R. Kiran

Prof. D. R. Kiran, National Executive Council Member, NIQR, being an ardent philatelist, with over 10000 stamps in his possession, has exhibited two of his 25 themes at the Philately show at Anna Road Post Office, which will be on show throughout the month of July.

The first theme is on Miniature sheets each of which has a small group of postage stamps attached to, and get merged with the design of the sheet on which they were printed. They are special issues often commemorating some event. Out of the total number of 190 miniature sheets issued by India Posts starting from 14.11.1973, he has exhibited 152 of them, in them, apart from those included in World Sports theme. These 152 miniature sheets contain 1073 stamps which are merged in the overall design.

The second theme is on World Sports, including world stamps on every Olympics Game, Summer as well as Winter Olympics, starting from the year 1952. Altogether 1100 stamps are on display on several games including 42 miniature sheets and First Day Covers. Football game covers the second most stamp theme released by most countries of the world, but it is surprising that for Cricket, which is the most favorite sports for India, England and Australia, only a minimal number of stamps are issued by any country, even by India Posts.