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NIQR@ISRO Sriharikota

NIQR@ISRO Sriharikota

ISRO Sriharikota invited Mr. S. Rajasekaran and Mr. P. K. Aggarwal on 18th June 2019 to share their experience with their scientists on “How to achieve Zero Error first ever Manned Space Mission – Gaganyaan in year 2022”

Mr. S. Rajasekaran spoke on -“Absolute Quality – Product & Process”. He started with an elaborate study by him of multiple versions of truth in achieving Absolute Quality in all phases of life. He explained this will eventually boil down to single version of truth –quality outcome of events or projects; he emphasised that in space projects there is nothing called success or failure; only % of goals accomplished; whatever % achieved, the scientists move on for further exploration. He also gave an overall picture of Quality Systems in his factory and explained how each one of these can be successfully implemented in ISRO.

Mr. P. K. Aggarwal spoke about “Customer Centric Quality – the winning edge”. He emphasized upon the need to clearly understand the customer expectations and to align all the activities and stake holders to customer requirements through an elaborate “Effect of Defect” program. Navigating through the “Digital practices” being followed in industry, Make in India program viz. “Zero Defect Zero Effect – ZED”, “QFI 4.0 of NIQR etc., Mr. Aggarwal connected ISRO scientists to … what can be done at ISRO to achieve Error free Gaganyaan mission by clear focus on their Customers – the 3 Indian Astronauts for their safe return after completion of the targeted activities in space.