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LSNG Memorial Lecture on 19th Novemebr 2016

Shri LSN Guptha Memorial Lecture                                                                           

NIQR Chennai Branch had organised the Shri LSN Guptha Memorial Lecture Meeting on 19th November 2016, at Hotel Radha Regent Chennai. Mr. K. V. Natarajan, Plant Head, Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai was the Chief Guest. Mr. R. Vasu, Vice President – QHSC, Brakes India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai was the Guest Speaker.

Mr. K. Manikandan, Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch welcomed the gathering. Dr. P. Ramesh, Vice chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch shared with the audience the achievements of Late Shri L Satyanarayana Guptha in the fields of training and development.

Ms. S Tharika, granddaughter of Shri LSN Guptha thanked NIQR for organising the Memorial Lecture and shared some of her memoirs with the august gathering.

Mr. C V Gowri Sankar, Secretary NIQR Chennai Branch introduced the Chief Guest Mr. K. V. Natarajan.

In his address, Mr. K. V. Natarajan recalled his long association with Gupthaji and the way Gupthaji will drive people to adhere to quality principles in life.


Mr. K. Sridharan Balaji, NIQR National Secretary introduced the speaker Mr. R. Vasu highlighting his passion Six Sigma and shared his achievements in training over 200 Green Belts.


The topic for the lecture was “Quality from HR Perspective”” and Mr. R. Vasu TQHRM practiced in Brakes India and how it differs from traditional HRM. He emphasised on Commitment to Quality through the Involvement of People through Empowerment and Teamwork.

Employee Empowerment is achieved through Enabling, Involving and Encouraging. He listed down the benefits of empowered workforce and explained how the motivated and empowered employees have done extremely well in Six Sigma Projects.


He concluded thus, “A Quality system resembles a new car without petrol: perfect in every respect, but it will not go. The quality fuel is employee, attitude and motivation………”

Mr. C V Gowri Sankar, Secretary NIQR Chennai Branch proposed a vote of thanks.