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NIQR came into existence in July 1987 with the amalgamation of National Institution of Quality Assurance and Indian Association of Quality and Reliability.

National Institution for Quality and reliability is administrated by a National Executive Council functioning at the National Head Quarters at Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Executive Committee at various Branches.

Leading Industrialists, Top Level officers / Executives, Managers, Professionals and Academia elected through a democratic process with appropriate representation are the Members of the Executive Council and Branch Executive Committees.

About Us

A Raison D'être

Quality is the sine qua non for the survival and growth of any manufacturing of service organisation. Prevention oriented quality and reliability methods can significantly contribute to the prosperity of any industry.

Recent trends of ‘opening up’ of Indian economy to global competition and development of free enterprise within the country have further enhanced the need of quality as the key element for the survival and growth. While considerable efforts are being made in this direction, the fact remains that we still have a long way to go before we can catch up with advanced countries.

The need of the hour is a common forum, for quality on a country-wide basis. Through this forum, an acceleration in the pace of progress of the national quality and reliability movement could be achieved knowledge - could be easily shared, experiences exchanged and a broader national perspective evolved.

It was precisely in recognition of this need that National Institution for Quality and Reliability was formed.

International Role Models

NIQR is Indian in outlook and attuned to the needs of Indian industry and business. Yet, it derives considerable inspiration from such internationally acclaimed as institutions a JUSE (Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers), ASQC (American Society for Quality Control) and EOQC (European Organisation for Quality Control).

There is much to be learnt from their efforts and expertise which, if properly adapted to our conditions, would result in a deeper and broader appreciation of quality as a total concept.

Connection With Other Professional Bodies

NIQR is also a founder member of the newly initiated central body – INQ (Indian Network for Quality) that will be a single umbrella for all Quality initiatives in the country, the other members being Indian Society for Quality, Quality Council of India and Quality Circle Forum of India.

NIQR is playing a key role in National Quality Movement as a Board Member of NBQP and also Governing Council Member of Quality Council of India (QCI), which is playing a pivotal role in promoting, adopting and adhering to quality standards in all important spheres of activities at National level.



Promoting Quality

To promote quality as a way of life in Indian industry and service organisation.


Propagating Knowledge

To propagate knowledge and awareness of quality and reliability throughout our industry and service organisations through education and training.


International Competition

To help industry achieve production of goods of quality at low costs in order to make Indian industry internationally competitive.


Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

To assist organisations in service sector such as banks, transport, communications, utilities etc., and academic institutions in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Past Presidents & Secretaries
Period President Secretary
2016-2018 Mr. P. K. Aggarwal
Vice President - Corp. Quality , TAFE Ltd.
Mr. K. Sridharan Balaji
Former Plant Director , Ashok Leyland Ltd.
2014-2016 Mr. R. Sivanesan
Senior Vice President, Quality & Sourcing, Ashok Leyland Ltd.
Mr. G. Rangarajan
Chief Executive Officer, CEO Consultants.
2012-2014 Mr.G.R.JANARTHANAN
Executive Executive Director – Operations India Pistons Ltd.
Executive Director, Super Auto Forge Pvt. Ltd.,
2009-2012 Dr.A.SANJEEVA RAO
Executive Director, Sanjeev Quality Consultant, Chennai
Director LESA, Chennai
2007-2009 Dr. R. MAHADEVAN
Group Technology Director, India Pistons Ltd., Chennai
Sr.Vice President, India Pistons Ltd., Chennai
2005-2007 Mr. V. R. JANARDHANAM
Chief Operating Officer, Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd., Chennai
Dy. General Manager – QA, Sundram Brake Linings Ltd., Chennai
2003-2005 Mr. K.N. KRISHNAMURTHY
Technical Advisor to Managing Director, Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai
Chief Manager – Quality, Tafe Limited, Chennai
Chairman & Managing Director, Susira Engineering Industries Ltd., Chennai
General Manager – TQM, SRF Limited, Chennai
1999-2001 Mr.S.NAGARAJAN
Executive Director, Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai
Sr.General Manager, India Pistons Ltd., Chennai
1997-1999 Mr.ALOK SHRIRAM
Dy. Managing Director, DCM Shriram Industries Ltd., New Delhi
President, DCM Shriram Industries Ltd., New Delhi
Whole Time Director, J.K.Synthetics Ltd., Kota, Rajasthan
General Manager – Quality, J.K.Synthetics Ltd., Kota, Rajasthan
1993-1995 Mr.S.NAGARAJAN
Executive Director, Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai
General Manager, Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi, Chennai
1991-1993 Mr.EAPEN KOSHY
Director, MRF Limited, Chennai
General Manager, Addision & Co., Ltd., Chennai
1989-1991 Mr.T.R.R. RAO
Director, Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., Bangalore
Sr. Specialist - SQC Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
Chairman & Managing Director, Sundaram Clayton Ltd., Chennai
Manager – Manuacturing, Addision & Co., Ltd., Chennai
NIQR Head Quarters List of ECMs for 2018-2020
Name Status Contact No. Professional position Email ID
Office Bearers
Mr. S. Rajasekaran National President 9841706116 Managing Director, Infant Engineers Pvt. Ltd. rajasekaran@infantengineers.in
Dr. V. Swaminathan National Senior Vice President 9840356293 TQM / TPM Consultant vsam_98@yahoo.com
Mr. S. Muralishankar National Vice President 9884817624 Managing Director, Super Auto Forge Ltd. muralishankar@superautoforge.net
Mr. K. Manikandan National Vice President 9840067815 Head – Sourcing Development, Ashok Leyland Manikandan.k@ashokleyland.com
Mr. C.V. Gowri Sankar National Secretary 9841622828 Quality Management Consultant cvgsankar@gmail.com
Mr. V. Raghavan National Treasurer 9840040311 Consultant, TAO Consulting Systems India (P) Ltd., raghavan.venkatesan@gmail.com
Mr.V. Murali National Joint Secretary 9500117668 Infant Engineers secretary@infantengineers.in
Executive Council Members
Mr. R. Ananda Kumar EC Member 9962129992 G.M - Quality Control- SCHWING Stetter (India) Pvt. Ltd akumar_1970@rediffmail.com
Mr. N. Anbuchezhian EC Member 9790051385 Head of Process Excellence, Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd., nanbu67@gmail.com
Ms. K.S.Babai EC Member 9841070913 Principal, Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College babaiks@yahoo.co.uk
Dr. V.M Gunasekaran EC Member 9840053135 Lean Manufacturing & Management Consultant, Arise & Shine Associates, Chennai. gunasekaran.vm@gmail.com
Prof. D. R. Kiran EC Member 9380551104 Retired Principal – PMR Engineering College. ravikiran_durbha@yahoo.co.in
Mr. I. Kumar EC Member 9003060672 DGM – Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Daimler Benz India. Kumar_reethu@yahoo.co.in
Mr. R. Mohanakrishnan EC Member 9840464482 Chief Executive, Guru Krupa Consultancy Rmk2257@gmail.com
Mr. S. Ramachandran EC Member 9841294549 Executive Director, Super Auto Forge Pvt. Ltd., sramesh50@gmail.com
Mr. G. Rangarajan EC Member 9551255301 C.E.O. – CEO Consultants grangarceo122@gmail.com
Dr. N. Rangaswamy EC Member 9841058899 Corporate Trainer & Specialist in Behavioral Science rangaikpm@yahoo.co.uk
Mr. S. Shanmugasundaram EC Member 9500031255 General Manager - Engineering Quality,Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre India shanmugasundaram.somasundaram@rntbci.com
Mr. K. Sridharan Balaji EC Member 9841436583 Former Plant Director , Ashok Leyland Ltd. ksb.ale2k@gmail.com
Dr. R. Srinivasan EC Member 9445019891 Director,Chennai Manufacturing Services vasanrs1956@gmail.com
Co opted members
Mr. P. K. Aggarwal Ex-Officio 9500033260 Vice President - Corp. Quality , TAFE Ltd prdpkagg@yahoo.com
Mr.P.R. Arul oli Co-opted Council Member 9884061348 Chartered Accountant praruloli@gmail.com
Dr. S.Karthikeyan Co-opted Council Member 9444237907 HOD Mech, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani Campus thamiz.karthik@gmail.com
Dr. S. Mohana Murugan Co-opted Council Member 9380590534 Professor, Arupadaivedu Ins of Tech etia2010@gmail.com
Mr. S.Vanchinathan Co-opted Council Member 9840335765 Vice President Technical Fourrts Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd. technical@plant.fourrts.com
NIQR Chennai Branch List of ECMs for 2018-2020
Name Status Contact No. Professional position Email ID
Office Bearers
Mr. R. Sethuraman Chairman 9841157324 Sr. Manager CQ – Supplier Quality, Ashok Leyland Ltd. Sethuraman.r@ashokleyland.com
Mr. S. Murugan Vice Chairman 9840040311 TPM Consultant. sm13256@gmail.com
Mr. R. Nanda Kumar Vice Chairman 9382740517 Director, PQSI Digital Private Limited. Cpk@asknanda.in
Mr. P.T. Bharaniperumal Secretary 9941113003 Divisional Manager, Central Quality - Ashok Leyland Ltd. Bharaniperumal.pt@ashokleyland.com
Mr. S. J. Ali Asger Joint Secretary 9884032575 Director, Polyhose Limited  Ali@polyhose.com
Mr. S Ganapathiappan Treasurer 9940192322 DGM Quality, Amalgamations Repco limited. sgappan@amrep.in
Executive Committee Members
Mr. S. S. Balasubramanian EC Member 9840703127 Head India Dev Centre, THORS e-lerning solutions. ssbala@thors.com
Mr. K. Baranitharan EC Member 9941212145 Sr. Manager – CQ-Supplier Quality, Ashok Leyland. Baranitharan.k@ashokleyland.com
Maj. V. V. Chandrasekharan EC Member 9841014969 Chartered Engineer and Management Consultant. majorchander@yahoo.com
Mr. T. M. Gopala Pillai EC Member 9840090341 Management Consultant. gpillaitm@gmail.com
Mr. N. Jagannatha Rao EC Member 9840315905 Consultant. njrao@rediffmail.com
Mr. P. Kothandaraman EC Member 9840503974 C.E.O., Trainconst. ramanpkr@gmail.com
Mr. S. Kumar EC Member 9840701834 Plant Head Asahi India Ltd isokumar@yahoo.co.in
Mr. S. Mohankumar EC Member 9944140109 Sr.Manager S&SC, Ashok Leyland. mohan.kumar@ashokleyland.com
Mr. R Muthuraman EC Member 7299941411 Manager, CQ-Supplier Quality - Forging, Ashok Leyland. Muthuraman.R@ashokleyland.com
Dr. P. Ramesh EC Member 9789991990 Head – Materials Lab, Lucas-TVS Ltd. pattramesh2015@gmail.com
Mr. R. Sriram EC Member 9940374160 Associate Vice President – India Pistons Ltd. rsriram@indiapistons.com
Mr. C. Sundaravadivelu EC Member 9444471473 Management Consultant. sundaravadivelu_c@yahoo.co.in
Prof. C Uthayakumar Ec Member 9790908710 Former Principal, Jaya Sakthi Engineering College. cukumar@gmail.com
Mr. V. K. Venkatramani Ec Member 9840911771 CEO - Across World Quality International. isoawqi@yahoo.com
Mr. K. Manikandan Ex Officio 9840067815 VP – Sourcing Development, Ashok Leyland. Manikandan.k@ashokleyland.com
Co opted members
Col K. S. Chakravarthi (Retd) Co-opted Member 9841947081 Management Consultant (QMS) and (HRD). chakpi@yahoo.com
Mr. VSV.Chezhiyan Co-opted Member 9710939322 Sri KVS Industries ceo@srikvsindustries.com
Ms. K. Geetha Co-opted Member 9566000467 Asst. Manager - Supplier Quality, Ashok Leyland. Geetha.K2@ashokleyland.com
Mr. M. Gurunathan Co-opted Member 8807811267 Project Coordinator, LIBA. guruforscm@gmail.com
Mr. P. M. Karthick Co-opted Member 8056151695 Systems Analyst Hexaware Technologies Ltd pmkaarthick@gmail.com
Mr. V. Kumar Co-opted Member 9841609300 Senior Manger, TPM Secretariat, Brakes india Pvt. Ltd. kumar.vaidhya@gmail.com
Mr. S. Mahendran Co-opted Member 9941991319 Plant Head, Prabha Engineers. mahendran.s@prabhaengineers.com
Mr. S. Manikandan Co-opted Member 9840366579 AP, MSEC sms.nov@gmail.com
Mr. R. Manohar Co-opted Member 9003051516 Senior Manager-SSC, Ashok Leyland. manohar.rengaraj@ashokleyland.com
Mr. S. Raja National Secretary 7299991021 Manager-CQSQ, Ashok Leyland. Raja.s5@ashokleyland.com
Mr. T. S. Rangarajan National Secretary 9281057017 Management Consultant. ts.rangarajan@gmail.com
Mr. D. Rathinasabapathy National Secretary 9941917204 AGM - HR, Ashok Leyland. Rathinasabapathy.D@ashokleyland.com
NIQR Delhi NCR Branch List of ECMs for 2016-2018
Name Status Contact No. Professional position Email ID
Office Bearers
Mr. A.K.Tomer Chairman 9811802222 ED Quality, Maruti aktomer.niqr@gmail.com
Mr. R. B. Madhekar Vice Chairman 9811801520 CEO, RBMSS rbmadhekar@gmail.com
Mr. Vipin Garg Vice Chairman 9891810523 VP - Parts Quality, Maruti vipingarg.niqr@gmail.com
Mr. Amit Kumar Vishnoi Treasurer 7838257744 Sr. Manager - CQSQ, ALL Amit.Vishnoi@ashokleyland.com
Mr. Lokesh Pandey Secretary 9811601235 AVP - Quality, NPIP, JCB India Ltd lokesh.pandey@jcb.com
Mr. Ranjan Vasishtha Joint Secretary 9899197784 MD, QJCG ranjanv@quantumjump.co.in
Executive Committee Members
Mr. Prag Basil EC Member 9810119830 GM - Quality, Maruti pragbasil@maruti.co.in
Mr. K. C. Hallone EC Member 9958666038 Director, Srinisons kc.hallone@srinisons.com
Dr. Sukhbir Singh EC Member 9871000200 CEO, Lumax ssingh@lumaxauto.com
Mr. Amit Behl EC Member 7023000991 Manager - Quality, Hero amit.behl@heromotocorp.com
Mr. Arun Rawat EC Member 9899978796 Dy. Manager - CQSQ, ALL arunrawat.almdch@ashokleyland.com
Mr. Neeraj Thakur EC Member 9654362005 Asst. Manager - CQSQ, ALL neeraj.thakur@ashokleyland.com
Mr. Ravi Kundra EC Member 9599193934 DGM - Quality, CNH ravikundra69@rediffmail.com
Mr. Anil Gupta EC Member 8094018038 Head - Quality, Shriram Piston anil.gupta@shrirampistons.com
Mr. Chandok EC Member 9818125778 VP - Quality, Hero np.chandok@heromotocorp.com
Mr. A. V. N. Rao EC Member 9891774227 GM - Quality, Maruti avn.rao@maruti.co.in
Mr. Rohit Goel EC Member 8130632255 Director - Dealer Development, GM roship2001@gmail.com
Mr. M. S. Chaudhary EC Member 9717195431 CEO, Quality Professional ankurins@rediffmail.com
Mr. Ranjith S EC Member 8527766889 Dy. Manager - CQSQ, ALL ranjith.s1@ashokleyland.com
Dr. K.P.Chaudary EC Member 9871213638 Vice President, Metrology Society of india kpc@nplindia.org
Mr. Parveen Yadav EC Member 8750055311 Sr. Manager - Quality, JCB India Ltd dipu271441@gmail.com
NIQR Pune Branch List of ECMs for 2017-2019
Name Contact No. Professional position Email ID
Office Bearers
Chairman - Mr. S. B. Borwankar 9552587909 Executive Director (Quality), Tata Motors Ltd sbborwankar@tatamotors.com
Vice Chairman - Mr. Shrikant Marathe 8600992781 Retd Director ARAI srmarathearai@gmail.com
Vice Chairman - Mr. Vikram Salunkhe 9890038150 Managing Director, Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt Ltd vikram@accurategauging.com
Secretary - Mr. S. Yuvaraj 8308994100 Divisional Manager, Process Excellence (Q, S&SC), Ashok Leyland Ltd yuvaraj.s2@ashokleyland.com
Joint Secretary - Dr. Sanjay Arole 9923751175 DGM, Quality Assurance, Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd smarole@rediffmail.com
Treasurer - Mr. V. R. Ramesh 9881003170 Divisional Manager (CQ – Supplier Quality) Ramesh.VR@ashokleyland.com
Executive Committee Members
Mr. Kamlakar Takavale 9923201252 Vice President HR , Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd takavale@yahoo.co.in
Mr. P.K..Rath 9766355468 Bajaj Auto limited mr.pkrath@gmail.com
Mr. D.S.Navalgundkar 9881460017 Head Corporate Strategy , Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. navalgundkards@kpcl.net
Mr. Narasimha Rao 9822052815 Director , Indo Swiss Centre of Excellence rsvnrao@yahoo.com
Mr.T. Parthasarathy Kirloskar Oil Engines
NIQR Puducherry Branch List of ECMs for 2018-2020
Name Status Contact No. Professional position Email ID
Office Bearers
Mr. V.Venkatakrishnan Chairman 9600083528 Lucas TVS- Plant Head v.venkat@lucastvs.co.in
Dr. L.Ramachandran Vice Chairman 9894127189 Principal, Achariya Enggineering College l.ramachandran2014@gmail.com
Dr. B.Rajaram Vice Chairman 9443748471 HOD Mech,Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology radjaram@rediffmail.com
Mr. K.P.Vivekananthan Secretary 9600581564 Consultant vivekkp64@yahoo.com
Mr. D.Sekar Joint Secretary 9787746081 Counsellor ACMA UNIDO dsekar30@gmail.com
Mr. R.Ganesan Treasurer 9790924614 Consultant ramaswamyganesan55@yahoo.co.in
Executive Committee Members
Mr. L.Srikanth EC Member 9655668439 Tenneco-Quality Manager takavale@yahoo.co.in
Mr. V.Rajasekaran EC Member 9443220139 Partner-Hi Tech Engineer rajskrnv@gmail.com
Mr. N.Prabakaran EC Member 9487265560 Rane Brake Lining -Quality Manager n.prabakaran@ranegroup.com
Mr. A.Nataraja EC Member 9786668872 Partner-Murugan Engineering muruganengineering3@gmail.com
Mr. M.Thanumalayan EC Member 7373736606 Strides Shasun-GM Quality thanumalayanstridesshasun.com
Mr. P.Ganagurupatham EC Member 9710946801 Unicorn(Bangalore)Pvt Ltd-GM(O) pggpatham@yahoo.com
NIQR Trivandrum Branch List of ECMs for 2018-2020
Name Status Contact No. Professional position Email ID
Office Bearers
Mr. Athi Pagavan C Chairman 9496102801 GD RQA-SISG, IISU  athipagavan@rediffmail.com
Mr. Mohan Ananthanarayanan K. R Vice Chairman 9447770021 Head (Rtd.,), VSSC krman50@gmail.com
Dr. Aniyan Vice Chairman 9645005025 AGM, BATL pmuthuganapathy@gmail.com
Mr. Sai Ganesan H Treasurer 9400032322 DPD, ABPP, VSSC h_saiganesan@vssc.gov.in
Mr. D.Sekar Joint Secretary 9787746081 Counsellor ACMA UNIDO dsekar30@gmail.com
Mr. R.Ganesan Treasurer 9790924614 Consultant ramaswamyganesan55@yahoo.co.in
Executive Committee Members
Mr. Ignatious C. A EC Member 9496020065 DD SR (Rtd.,), VSSC ignatious.ca@gmail.com
Mr. Mathew R. C EC Member 9447030330 Director (Rtd), BIS  bisrcmathew@gmail.com
Mr. Ramachandran V EC Member 9447310240 Head, QDMF Group Director, PCPAG(O) v_ramachandran@vssc.gov.in
Mr. Vijin Jenius S EC Member 9496475087 Head, RQA-SISD, IISU s_vijinjenius@vssc.gov.in
Dr. Ramesh Narayanan P EC Member 9446146741 Head, MCD(O) Group Head, MCTG ramesh-narayanan@yahoo.in
Mr. Abraham P. K EC Member 9495827219 Head, SCOD, VSSC pk_abraham@vssc.gov.in
Mr. Dhanesh S EC Member 9746515731 RQA-ISMD, IISU s_dhanesh@vssc.gov.in
Dr. Thampy Thomas EC Member 9847421121 Director (Rtd.) HLL Life care Ltd.,  ttv1328@yahoo.com
Mr. Celin Maria Simon EC Member 9446542006 RQA-SISD, IISU s_celinmariasimon@vssc.gov.in
Mr. Nedumaran G EC Member 9447000824 Head, SR-CSSCD, LPSC govindasamynedumaran@gmail.com
Mr. Suresh Kumar P. T EC Member 9387353555 Head, QDEF, VSSC sureshnambiarpt@gmail.com
Mr. Murali Sankar A. R EC Member 9447856465 Manager, QCG-MM, VSSC ar_muralisankar@vssc.gov.in
Mr. Dhanalakshmi P.P EC Member 9496818069 EQCMD, IISU pp_dhanalakshmi@vssc.gov.in
Mr. Shameer. S EC Member Project Manager Quality, M/s Vinvish Technology shameer@vinvish.com
NIQR Bengaluru Branch List of ECMs for 2018-2020
Name Status Contact No. Professional position Email ID
Office Bearers
D Sarathy Chairman 9886593750  sarathyd12@gmail.com
A K Chaudhuri Vice Chairman 9845311808 akcadaap@gmail.com
G S Raju Secretary 9980587933 debabanerjee@gmail.com
S D Janakiram Vice Chairman & Treasurer 9880016725 rajugs22@rediffmail.com
Prof, J G Govardan Vice Chairman 9880025925 janakiram47@yahoo.com
Balaram Reddy Joint Secretary 776074870
Executive Committee Members
A.V.Manjunath EC Member 9845164247
Hiremath. B G EC Member
Mohammed Haroon EC Member 9663659617
Vital Candade EC Member 9845116088 vital.candade@gmail.com
Hosaman EC Member 9448018256
S Shivaprasad Co-Opted EC Member 9686033800
Debashis Banerjee EC Member 9900245551