Construction Project Management on 9th April 2016

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Construction Project Management

NIQR Chennai Branch organised a one day training program on “Construction Project Management” on 9th April 2016 at Hotel Radha Regent, Chennai. This is the second program, NIQR is organising in non-auto industry after the training program in Cement Industry in November 2014.

Mr. S. Kavinkumar, an M Tech from IIT Madras and Director of EPMCR, an IIT Madras-incubated company that specializes in construction methods, management and related services was the resource faculty. There were 23 participants from 11 organisations.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, Secretary - NIQR Chennai Branch welcomed the participants and briefed them about NIQR and its activities and asked the participants to concentrate on the waste generation and its prevention to improve profitability. Mr. S. Rajasekaran, Chairman - NIQR Chennai Branch inaugurated the program and touched upon the technical advances made in auto parts manufacturing sector in the last 3 decades and wanted the construction industry also to emulate it. In his keynote address, Mr. Ramakrishnan, M D of Harmony Homes commended NIQR for focusing on this field and wanted the participants to concentrate on the nuances of project management as the trend is fast catching up with other industries like IT, Medical, etc.

The faculty started the session with the question whether Project Management is an art or science. Even though it resembles an art, Mr. Kavin explained how it is made a science by today’s demands. He elaborated on the features of Project Management from ‘resources to end results’.

He explained the 5 Phases of a project, namely Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing and elaborated on the requirements of each phase in today’s construction Industry.

Two case studies were presented by his deputies. Mr. Jerry Joykutty presented a Case Study on Factory Reduction at a Heavy Equipment & Machinery Manufacturing Facility - Modification of Production Plant to a Warehouse.

Mr. T. Unnikrishnan presented a Case Study on Expansion Project at a Battery Manufacturing Facility. Both Case Studies mainly focused on applying Project Management Principles in the Proposed Projects.

Mr. G. Rangarajan, National Secretary, NIQR National Body presided over the valedictory function and presented the Certificates to the participants.

The feedbacks from the participants were very encouraging and wanted NIQR to organize more such programs which would hone their skills for effective Project Management.

National Executive Committee Members

Mr. R. Sivanesan Sr. Vice President – Central Quality, Ashok Leyland Ltd., National President
Dr. V. Swaminathan Director, VSAM Associates National Vice President
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Aggarwal Vice President , Corporate Quality, Tafe National Vice President
Mr. G. Rangarajan C.E.O., CEO Consultants National Secretary
Dr. R. Srinivasan Chairman, Bharath Pressings National Treasurer
Mr. K. Manikandan General Manager – SQ, Ashok Leyland Ltd., National Joint Secretary
Mr. S. Ramachandran Executive Director ,Super Auto Forge Pvt. Ltd., Council Member
Mr. S. Murali Shankar Joint Managing Director, Super Auto Forge Pvt. Ltd. Council Member
Ms. K.S. Babai Principal, Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College Council Member
Dr. P.R. Nakkeeran Professor Retired, Anna University Council Member
Mr. L.N. Gurumurthi Sr. Gen. Manager – QA(Retd.,),Eveready Industries India Ltd., Council Member
Dr. R.R. Sudhir Head – Dept. of Preventive Ophthalmology, Sankara Nethralaya Council Member
Mr. R. Mohanakrishnan Chief Executive, Guru Krupa Consultancy Council Member
Prof. D.R. Kiran Principal ( Retd.,),PMR Institute of Technology Council Member
Mr. S. Vanchinathan Vice President – Technical , Fourrts Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd., Council Member
Dr. P. Ramesh Head – Materials Lab, Lucas-TVS Ltd Co-opted Council Member
Mr. G.R. Janarthanan (ExOfficio) Director - Operations India Pistons Ltd. Immi. Past Natl. President
Mr. S. Rajasekaran Managing Director , Infant Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Chairman , Chennai Br.
Mr. C. A. Ignatious Dy. Director, VSSC, Trivandrum Chairman, Trivandrum Br.
Mr. D. Sarathy V.P., Kenna Metals India Ltd., Bangalore Chairman , Bangalore Br.
Mr. M.S. Sathyanaryana GM & MR - Corporate Quality, KAVIN Group of Industries Chairman ,Coimbatore Br.
Mr.T.R. Ranganathan G.M. - Quality , Ashok Leyland Ltd., Plant 1, Hosur Chairman , Hosur Br.
Mr. C.V. Gowri Sankar TQM Consultant Secretary , Chennai Br.
Mr. Deb Banerjee Secretary, Bangalore Br.
Mr. Mohan Ananthanarayanan Deputy Project Director PSLV( QC&M) ,DGM Quality Control External Divn Secretary, Trivandrum Br.
Dr. A. Sanjeeva Rao Executive Director, SQC Consultants Special Invitee
Mr. K.N. Krishanmurthy Tech, Advisor to M.D., (Retd.)Ashok Leyland Ltd. Special Invitee
Mr. V.R. Janardhanam President (Retd.), Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd., Special Invitee
Dr. R. Mahadeavan Director, India Pistons Ltd. Special Invitee
Mr. S. Nagarajan Advisor Special Invitee
Mr. S. Seetharamaiah Ex. Managing Director , Susira Engineering Industries Special Invitee
Mr. C. Athipagaven Group Head,RQA-SISG,IISU,Trivandrum 695 013 Rep. from Trivandrum Br.

Chennai Branch Executive Committee Members

Name Mobile In NIQR Chennai Branch Prof.Title Email ID
Mr. S.Rajasekaran 9841706116 Chairman Chairman
Mr. V.Raghavan 9840040311 Vice Chairman Consultant, TAO Consulting Sys. India (P)Ltd.
Mr. V. Venkatesh 7299009923 Vice Chairman DGM-Quality, Ashok Leyland lrd, Ennore, Chennai-600057
Mr. C.V.Gowri Sankar 9841622828 Secretary TQM Consultant
Mr. C.Sundaravadivelu 9940354826 Treasurer Consultant
Mr. S. Kumar 9840701834 General Manager Operations, Bridgestone India Automotive Products Pvt Ltd
Mr. T.M.Gopalapillai 9840090341 Advisor to Chairman Consltant
Dr. V.M.Gunasekaran 9840053135 Member Lean Mfg. Consultant & Cluster Prog. Facilitator
Maj. V,.V.Chandrasekarharan 9841014969 Member MD, Vishal Engg.& Industry Consultancy
Mr. N.Jagannatha Rao 9840315905 Member Consultant
Mr. S.S.Balasubramanian 9840703127 Member Head - Quality, Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd.
Mr. S. Sundar 9841445246 Member Divl. Mgr., Central Quality, Ashok Leyland Ltd.
Mr.P.Kothandaraman 9840503874 Member CEO, Trainconst
Mr.K.Saravanakumar 9003039945 Member Head – Quality, Fourrts (I)Laboratories Ltd.
Mr. P. Kumaraiah 9841020258 Member Divl. Mgr., Central Quality, Ashok Leyland Ltd.
Mr .R. Sriram 9940374160 Member Sr. G.M. (Projects), India Pistons Ltd.
Mr. S.Murugan 9790913645 Member    TPM Consultant
Mr. B.Surianarayanan 9894326743 Member G.M. (Vendor Develop.), Hyundai Motor India Ltd.,
Dr. N.Vasudevan 9940519925 Member Dean (Academy), Hindustan University
Mr. C Udayakumar 7299138245 Member Principal, Sakthi Engineering College
Mr. T.R. Narasimhan 9840935686 Member Sr. Manager (HR & TQM), Wabco India Ltd.
Mr. G.Rangarajan 9551255301 Ex Officio C.E.O., CEO Consultants
Mr. S. Kumar 9840701834 Member DGM - Operations, Rane Madras Ltd, Velachery
Mr. V K Venkatramani 9840911771 Member CEO Across World Quality International
Mr. A Pradeep 9840970070 Co-opted member TQM, TAFE
Mr. R Sethuraman 9841157324 Co-opted member Supplier Quality, Ashok Leyland
Mr. K N Krishnamurthi 9841052607 Special Invitee Tech. Advisor to M.D (Retd.), Ashok Leyland Ltd.

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Shri LSN Guptha Memorial Lecture Meeting on 10th Oct 2015


Lecture Meeting held on 29th Dec 2015 by Prof. C. Uthayakumar

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