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It is with great pleasure we are sending you the NIQR Chennai Branch Newsletter Jan Feb 2017. This was released on dot on 27th February 2017. You will be seeing lot of coverage of Industry 4.0 programs - we are on a steady platform to reach 20K mission set by our Chairman Mr. K. Manikandan. A task well begun is half done; but the other half is in all our hands; We will be much obliged to all of you, if you can contribute in some way in organising programs continously; you can connect us to potential areas where this can be organised.

Also, the Pune Branch has been inaugurated during Feb 2017.

Let us welcome all the members of Pune Banch and wish them all the best.

  • Organise Quality Congress, conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures and short duration training programs on quality and reliability.
  • Evolve and organize comprehensive training programmes tailor made to suit the needs of different types of industries disciplines and levels.
  • Provide modern training aids, audio visuals such as documentaries / films.
  • Bring overseas experts to share the expertise and experiences.
  • Assist organizations in promoting quality circles and cross functional teams for achieving better quality and reliability.
  • Provide opportunities for top management and others to study quality management practices abroad and help them to adapt these practices in Indian conditions.
  • Conduct hand-holding programs for improvement of MSMEs through Cluster Approach.
  • Provide consultancy services to large and medium-scale industries to upgrade their quality related skills leading to Total Quality Management (TQM).
  • Organize training programmes and seminars on different topics related to quality, at different branches to spread awareness as well as to provide in depth knowledge.
  • NIQR also organize In House training programmes on a limited scale and help organisations in setting quality systems and implementation of TQM.
  • For Individual and Organizational Subscribed Members of NIQR
  • Organise and conduct monthly lecture meetings for subscribed Members of NIQR.
  • Organise and conduct TWO Memorial Lectures in memory of Prof. C.Y.Krishna Murti and Shri L.S.N.Guptha - once a year.
  • Organise and conduct ONE Endowment Lecture in the name of Dr.Kayasuzuki - on Reliability Engineering once a year.