Abhilash Guest Lecture In MGR Student Chapter

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NIQR Student Chapter, Dr. MGR University

Lecture on “Additive Manufacturing”

The NIQR Student Chapter of Dr. MGR University – Educational and Research Institute organised a guest lecture on “Additive Manufacturing” by Mr. R. Abilash Chakaravarthy, Special Director Projects, Infant Engineers Pvt. Ltd. on 14th March 2018 from 10..00 am to 12.00 noon.

Dr. K. Rajan, Professor Mechanical coordinator of the programme introduced the speaker to the students.

Mr. Abilash started the session by explaining the difference between conventional manufacturing and additive manufacturing, especially in material requirement. He detailed the process of 3D printing and the major three types, namely, FDM (filament spools) SL`S (powder cartridge) and SLA (resin cartridge).

His explanation of the process flow of 3D printing from conceptualizing to printing and infill % (the amount material that is actually needed to withstand a specific load) were well received by the audience.

There were 250 students from Mechanical Engineering Department; the students showed a keen interest in the topic and the Q&A session was very lively.