Awareness Program: No. 52 at AVIT

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INDUSTRY – 4.0 Awareness Program: No. 52 at AVIT


NIQR Student Chapter of Mechanical Engineering of Aarupadai Veedu Institute Of Technology, Chennai organised a Webinar on “Industry 4.0” on 29th Sep 2021.

Prof L. Prabhu VP (Admin) & HOD Mechanical Department in his presidential address asked the students to get benefit from the new concepts; he thanked NIQR for its readiness to organise the second program on Industry 4.0 for their institution.

The Introduction of faculty, Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, National Secretary, NIQR was done by Student Vysakh, Final Year Mechanical Engineering. There were totally 95 students and some staff in the webinar

The topics covered by the faculty in the Webinar included

What is Industry 4.0

What is Industrial Revolution

Ind 4.0 for whom

Evolution of I 4.0

Key Technologies of I 4.0

What they are? – short coverage

Applications with Examples

Quality in I 4.0

The Webinar Coordinator Mr. S. Kalyanakumar, Assistant Professor in his concluding remarks thanked NIQR for the support given to institutions and gave a short count of the Webinar Outcome

It provides the awareness of Industry 4.0 and revolutions in current scenario in industries

Key techs in Industry 4.0 and adopt yourself by embracing the future

Application of Industry 4.0

Implementing Industry 4.0 and achieving Quality.


Vote of Thanks delivered by Student Naveenkumar, Final Year Mechanical Engineering.