Evening Lecture by Mr. N Jagannatha Rao on 25th Sep 2015

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Evening Lecture by Mr. N Jagannatha Rao on 25th Sep 2015

Lecture Meeting held on 25th Sep 2015 by Mr. N Jagannatha Rao The Evening Lecture for the month of September was organised as a Video Discussion on 25th Sep 2015 at NIQR Conference Hall, Nungambakkam. Mr. N Jagannatha Rao, Executive Committee Member, NIQR Chennai Branch was the speaker and the topic was “Working Hard Working Smart”. Mr. S. Rajasekaran, NIQR Chennai Brach Chairman presided over the session and Mr. C V Gowri Sankar, NIQR Chennai Branch Secretary introduced the speaker.NIQR Chennai Branch is reviving the Video Discussion series after a gap of 3 years. The Video session started with a sports clip wherein the importance of ‘playing the game is more important than winning’ was emphasized by Mr. N Jagannatha Rao. Explaining the importance of ‘emotional quotient’, Mr. N J Rao explained how ‘one should not get attached emotionally to the rewards’. Elaborating on the need to know one’s potential, he stressed the point that every one of us is doing only a fraction of what he is capable of. He gave some tips to find one’s potential but insisted self-belief on personal capability is the most important requirement to achieve higher levels.He rounded off the session explaining the importance of thinking and career goals for youth. The session was very interactive necessitating the video to be stopped many times for discussion.