Evening Lecture Program by Mr. Balakrishnan on 31st January 2017

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Evening Lecture Program by Mr. Balakrishnan on 31st January 2017

Monthly Evening Lecture Programs

January 2017

On 31st January 2017, Mr. R. Balakrishnan, Joint Director (Retd.) E.I.C., Govt. of India delivered a lecture on “Food Safety Management” at NIQR Conference Hall.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, Secretary NIQR Chennai Branch welcomed the members present and introduced the speaker.

Mr. R. Balakrishnan explained the evolution of concept of food safety in the world as a law starting from 1963. He described the Codex standards and the provisions of HACCP.

Food Safety Management System ISO: 22000 is followed on the basis of ISO 9001 but has not become mandatory except some foreign countries. He listed the biological, chemical and physical hazards under the HACCP. It was interesting to know that hair, per se, is not termed as a hazard.

He showed a video clipping of how food items are adulterated – surf powder added to cookies to make them crispy. In another video about hand washing, the audience were surprised to see critical parts of hands not getting cleaned during normal washing.

The entire session was very interactive with lot of questions by the audience. It was also a surprise to the audience to know that there are very few ISO 22000 certified organisations/hotels/food chains.

Mr. A Pradeep, EC Member, NIQR Chennai Branch summed up the proceedings and proposed the vote of thanks.