Lighting of Kuthuvilakku
Scientist Mr. R. Senthil Kumar introducing the Chief Guest
Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar explaining Industry 4.0
Scientist Mr. A. Rajarajan honoring the Chief Guest
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Industry – 4.0 Awareness Program: No. 45

The 45th program in the series was conducted at Indian Space Research Organisation, Sriharikota on 14th November 2019.

ISRO celebrated the day as Global Quality Day with the theme “100 years of quality” and Mr. C V Gowri Sankar was the Chief Guest for their celebration attended by 150 scientists.  

During the inaugural Function, Mr. A. Rajarajan, Director, SDSC, ISRO looked for more collaboration between ISRO and NIQR so that the scientists will benefit from the vast pool of experience and knowledge available in NIQR. Mr. R. Senthilkumar, Deputy Director, Quality Section spoke about the theme of Quality Day.

Dr. R. Ashokkumar, Head, QD-CSP&SMA/SR & Head, PMO/SR, SDSC SHAR, ISRO was the coordinator for the event and he introduced the Chief Guest.

Mr. C V Gowri Sankar started the session explaining how manufacturing is important for ISRO as the success of their launches depends on the quality of the parts. He then briefed about the changes in the manufacturing world for the last 100 years with TQM and Quality Tools and Techniques. While Indian Industry has matured in the TQM way, the times are changing fast and the speaker insisted it is time we become leaders in the new technologies than being followers.

He elaborated on the evolution of Industry 4.0 and stressed why it is necessary to be early birds in adopting I4.0 concepts. With a series of videos he explained how the new techniques have started impacting even our personal space. He concluded with a picture of how quality tools and techniques will be impacted in i4.0

Explaining the activities of NIQR and assured all support in their training needs, he concluded the program showing them the video “ABOUT NIQR”.

Mr. A. Rajarajan thanked the speaker for the enormous research done on the subject and the use of proper vides to explain the impact of the techniques clearly to the audience. He concluded that ISRO will look for more programs from NIQR in future.