Lean Manufacturing Cluster Program at Hosur and Bangalore

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Lean Manufacturing Cluster Program At Hosur And Bangalore


Lean Manufacturing Cluster Program at Hosur and Bangalore is progressing well. As an important milestone a DSR (Diagnostic Report) audit was conducted on 23rd and 24th February 2017 at Hosur based industries. Mr. Devarajan nominated by QCI and Mr. Simiyoon nominated by directorate of MSME (Tamil Nadu) were the auditors. On 28th March ’17 Bangalore based industries were audited by Mr. Surya Prakash from QCI and Mr. Sivakumar from Directorate of MSME (Karnataka)

The auditors were appreciative of the progress made and improvement initiatives implemented. They went to the extent of suggesting to their senior officials that these industries can be show cased for other clusters to follow. The credit goes to the industries and counselors Mr. M. V. Prakash and Mr. R. Ravi who were guided by the NIQR team –Dr. V. Swaminathan, Dr. A. Sanjeeva Rao, Mr. K. N. Krishnamurthy and Mr. G. Rangarajan