Lecture Meeting by Mr. Aditya & Sayam on 8th Mar 2018

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Lecture Meeting by Mr. Aditya & Sayam on 8th Mar 2018

Monthly Evening Lecture Programs

March 2018

On 8th March 2018, Mr. A. Adithya & Mr. S. Sayam, B.Tech students of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram delivered a lecture on “Introduction to Crypto Currencies” at NIQR Conference Hall.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar welcomed the gathering and introduced the speakers focusing on their ambitions.

Mr. Adithya started the session comparing virtual currency and crypto currency; he focused on the genesis of bitcoin the first and most popular cryptocurrency. Nr. Sayam explained the need for it as the conventional ones were counterfeitable and had the risk of inflation. The students then explained the concept of blochchain and the secure-data sharing possible in block-chain and the reliability of data security in this technology. The use of Ethereum for payment to vendors for parts supply was explained well.

They also shared the security challenges in crypto currencies and the current legality scenario without proper regulatory frameworks across the world.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar summed up the proceedings and applauded the students using simple language and increasing the participants’ urge to learn more about the new technology.

Col K S Chakravarthi (Retd) honoured the speakers with shawls, Mr. K. Manikandan, Chennai Branch Chairman, NIQR honoured the speakers with mementos and Ms. Chamundeshwari honoured the speakers with laminated mementos.

Mr. Gowri Sankar thanked the participants.