Lecture Meeting by Mr. Kavinkumar on 31st Oct 2015

Kavin Kumar
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Lecture Meeting by Mr. Kavinkumar on 31st Oct 2015

Evening Lecture on 31st Oct 2015 by Mr. Kavinkumar The Evening Lecture for the month of October was organised on 31st Oct 2015 at NIQR Conference Hall, Nungambakkam. Mr. Kavinkumar, Director of Engineering Project Management Consultancy and Research Pvt. Ltd was the speaker and the topic was “Construction Project Management”. Mr. S. Rajasekaran, NIQR Chennai Branch Chairman presided over the session and Mr. Kavinkumar made a self introduction.Mr. Kavinkumar started his lecture with the question whether Project management is an art or science. Even though it resembles an art, Mr. Kavin explained how it is made a science by today’s demands. He elaborated on the features of Project Management from ‘resources to end results’. He explained how the sequence of activities is bonded by time. He dwelt at length the various factors of Project Management in Construction viz a viz Manufacturing especially Auto Components.He beautifully explained how Time, Staff or labour, Money, Material, Plant or Machinery & Space have to be analysed both as resources and constraints during the various stages of a project. Risk factor or unknown factor, according to him, demands a healthy space in Construction Project Management.Various phases of the project from Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing were explained thoroughly with a case study of construction of a caustic soda manufacturing plant. He rounded off explaining how much the construction time has shrunk from years to months in the last decade due to high demand and the role of Lean Construction.