Lecture Meeting by Mr. Sunil Philip on 28th April 2015

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Evening Lecture by Suniil Philiip
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Lecture Meeting by Mr. Sunil Philip on 28th April 2015

Lecture Meeting held on

28th Apr 2015 by Mr. Suniil Philiip

The Evening Lecture for the month of April was organised on 28th April 2015 at NIQR Conference Hall, Nungambakkam. Mr. Suniil Philiip, Founder Director, PSP Architects, Chennai was the speaker and the topic was “Architecture and Sustainability – Impacting Quality of Life”. Mr. S. Rajasekaran, NIQR Chennai Brach Chairman presided over the session and Mr. C V Gowri Sankar, NIQR Chennai Branch Secretary introduced the speaker

Mr. Suniil started off with a picture of how much the generations in the last 100 years have been inhibited compared to those of the previous 10,000 years by construction industry. He explained how modern architecture is spoiling the health of people living in high rise glass sheeted buildings without any contact with fresh air or sunlight.

Further he stated the difficulties faced in restoring old buildings due to dearth of skill sets required. He emphasised that the basic vision of any modern architecture should be “taking less from earth and giving more to earth”. He broke the myth in the minds of audience that ‘green buildings cost more than conventional buildings’ –even the cost of maintenance is less in green buildings over time. Also, the green buildings make an impact on the people, the people productivity going up by 6% and absenteeism coming down by 40%.

He signed off with very interesting facts about a 1,00,000 sq.ft. building being constructed by him where a 50 member nuclear family is going to live. The lecture was delivered with lot of high-tech material and at the same time was easily understandable and enjoyable.

At the end of the session, new Life Members were presented Membership Certificates by Mr. S. Rajasekaran, Chairman NIQR Chennai Branch.