Lecture Meeting by Mr. Venkatesh on 26th March 2018

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Lecture Meeting by Mr. Venkatesh on 26th March 2018

Monthly Evening Lecture Programmes

March 2018

On 26th March 2018, Mr. T. M. Venkatesan, Mentor, and Trainer for (www.focus5.in) delivered a lecture on “Kaizen 70 years Vs Thirukkural 1700 years” at NIQR Conference Hall.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar welcomed the gathering and introduced the speaker and expressed his gratitude to Dr. V. M. Gunasekaran for suggesting the speaker. He pointed out the novelties introduced by NIQR in the last six months in respect of identifying speakers with varied experiences for the evening lectures i.e, young engineers, Engineering Students and now a couple, Ms & Mr. Venkatesan.

Mr. Venkatesan showed a lot of Kaizens implemented in various industries and service organizations; He also explained the seven Principles and Values for Kaizen
1. Maintain and improve standards
2. Focus on process
3. Gemba improvement management
4. People’s Participation
5. Top management commitment
6. Discipline and constancy
7. Experimentation and observation skill

Ancient Indian literature possess huge wisdom. “Thirukkural” is one such profound literature packed with values. The speaker showed various examples from Thirukkural by way of illustrating his point.

The speaker showed how the principles of Kaizen are easily learnable from Thirukkural. At the end, he conducted a quiz on knowledge on Kural and rewarded the winners with some books and CDs as prizes.

Mr. Kothandaraman, ECM, NIQR Chennai Branch summed up the proceedings and appreciated Mr. Venkatesan’s methodology of conducting the lecture. He and the audience appreciated his research of Thirukkural to relate the verses in it to Kaizen principles
Mrs. and Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar honoured the speaker and his spouse with a shawl, Mr. K. Manikandan, honoured the speaker with a memento and Mr. Noor M. Saied, CMD, Fortran Cirkit Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Chennai honoured the speaker with a laminated memento.
Mr. Gowri Sankar thanked the participants.