Lecture Meeting by Ms. Gieetha on Organ Donation on 13th Aug 2015

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MS Geiths
MS Geiths
Ms. Geitha felicitated by Dr Babai
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Lecture Meeting by Ms. Gieetha on Organ Donation on 13th Aug 2015

Lecture Meeting held on

13th August 2015 by Ms. K. Gieetha

The Evening Lecture for the month of August was organised on 13th Aug 2015 at Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Kodambakkam.

Ms. K. Gieetha, Transplant Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai was the speaker and the topic was “The New Beginning of Life” (Concept of Organ Donation and Myths). Dr. Ms. Babai, Principal, Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College & NIQR National Council Member presided over the session and Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, NIQR Chennai Branch Secretary introduced the speaker.

Ms. K. Gieetha explained how organ donation is the most precious of all donations done by humans. She detailed some of the myths about organ donation like body disfigurement, religious barriers, age limit, panchayath decisions and cleared them with proper explanations.

She described brain dead as “irreversible unconsciousness with complete loss of brain stem function” and explained the difference between coma and brain dead. In simple terms, coma is self breathing with a chance to regain consciousness and brain dead is artificial breathing and irreversible.

She even took this occasion to drill through in the minds of audience the importance of wearing helmets by two wheeler riders.

She explained the types of donations, i.e., tissue donation & solid donation and gave a list of organs which are harvested and the time frame for implantation.

She also gave the audience an idea of the legality of organ donation with relevant Acts passed by Govt.

The session was well attended and there was constant interaction throughout the session.