Lecture Meeting on eLearning by Mr. S S Balasubramani on 30th Dec 2017

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Lecture Meeting on eLearning by Mr. S S Balasubramani on 30th Dec 2017 Monthly Evening Lecture Programs

December 2017

On 30th December 2017, Mr. S.S. Balasubramanian, Head India Development Centre, THORS India Pvt Ltd delivered a lecture on “eLearning” at NIQR Conference Hall.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar welcomed the gathering and introduced the speaker.

Mr. S.S. Balasubramanian started comparing eLearning Vs classroom learning comparing them to cell phones Vs pay phones at the call cabins. Similar to Cell phones allowing you to communicate anytime and usually anywhere, by having a properly configured phone, eLearning allows you to learn anywhere and usually at any time, by having a properly configured computer.

The speaker explained the aim of any training program; developing different types of skills – namely, Cognitive Skills, Interpersonal skills & Psychomotor Skills; and explained how e-learning addresses these diverse domains.

He showed how eLearning is growing globally and is expected to touch 240 Billion USD by 2023; India is on track with the global growth with the Government’s Make in India and Digital India initiatives.

He explained how eLearning addresses the basic requirements of training and dwelt on types and benefits and limitations of eLearning; he elaborated on Designing eLearning User Interfaces and detailed the five phases, namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of ADDIE, the Instructional Design Model.

The short video on fixture design showing the potential of eLearning kept the audience spellbound. He rounded off with the THORS Value Proposition.

Prof C. Uthayakumar ECM, NIQR Chennai Branch summed up the proceedings and appreciated the passion of Mr. Bala for making it easier and interesting for the audience in a short duration.

As usual, the Q&A session turned out to be one of the longest and meaningful ones.

Mr. P. K. Aggarwal, National President, NIQR honored the speaker with a shawl, Mr. S. Rajasekaran, National Vice President, NIQR honored the speaker with a memento and Mr. Abhilash Chakravarthy, speaker for next session honored the speaker with a laminated memento. The NIQR Chennai Branch Nov-Dec Newsletter was released by the speaker on the occasion.

Mr. Gowri Sankar thanked the participants.