Lecture Meeting on Emotional…. By Shivasubranai on 30th Jan 2018

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Lecture Meeting on Emotional…. By Shivasubranai on 30th Jan 2018 Monthly Evening Lecture Programs

January 2018

On 30th January 2018, Mr. S. K. Shivasubramani, Psychologist, Government of Tamil Nadu delivered a lecture on “Emotional Mastery in You..!” at NIQR Conference Hall.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar welcomed the gathering and introduced the speaker.

Mr. Shivasubramani outlined the subtle difference between emotion and feeling in a human being. He was candid in expressing his view that in reality there are no negative or positive emotions and only emotions exist; often, we only try to distinguish whether it is positive or negative. There are many ways to understand one’s emotions and use it for his/her success, happiness, and growth.

Learning and empowering ourselves with the very idea Stimulus-Response relation is useful in mastering our emotions, emotional traits of personality as well as life! EMOTIONAL MASTERY is an art and very well part of science i.e. using your awareness to bring in your inner ability; to exercise control over your emotional state without letting it (or anything else) affect you! He demonstrated with the audience some simple yet powerful ways of controlling emotions.

He concluded wishing the participants to command their emotional states from NOW..!

Dr. V. Swaminathan, National Vice President, NIQR honored the speaker with a shawl, and Mr. K. Manikandan, NIQR Chennai Branch Chairman honored the speaker with a memento and Mr. Arunachaleeswaran, DGM, Fritzmeier Motherson Cabin Engg. Ltd. honored the speaker with a laminated memento.

Mr. Gowri Sankar thanked the participants.