Lecture Meeting on Yoga by Dr. Sujatha on 16th Aug 2015

Dr. Sujatha
Lecture by Dr.Sujatha
Participants practicing YOGA 1
Participants practicing YOGA 2
Participants practicing YOGA 2
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Lecture Meeting on Yoga by Dr. Sujatha on 16th Aug 2015

Lecture Meeting held on

16th August 2015 by Dr. Sujatha Goda

NIQR Chennai Branch organised a lecture cum demonstration program on 16th Aug 2015 at Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Kodambakkam.

Dr. Sujatha Goda and her brother Mr. Venugopal Goda were the speakers and the topic was “Yoga for Health”.

Mr. S. Rajasekaran, NIQR Chennai Brach Chairman presided over the session and Mr. Gopala Pillai, NIQR Chennai Branch Executive Committee member introduced the speakers.

This morning program was well attended with participation by family members also. Dr. Sujatha started the session explaining about Yoga in general and its relevance to minimize and overcome stress; then she described eight aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga associated with the sage Patanjali, namely, Yama – moral codes, Niyama – self purification and study, Asana – posture, Pranayama – breath control, Pratyahara – withdrawing of the mind from the senses, Dharana – concentration, Dhayana – deep meditation and Samadhi – super consciousness.

It was interesting to know that there are 84 lacs of yoga postures which can be practiced in any health condition & during Pranayama, the blood gets purified due to increase of Oxygen intake.

The speaker used lot of Sanskrit slogans in her speech to make it rich.

Mr. Venugopal detailed how he left his business interests to take up yoga coaching and explained about the potential of one’s brain and how to improve usage of more brain power. He also dwelt at length about the relationship between brain & mind and conscious & sub-conscious minds.

After explaining about Amruthaghadiya, a special meditation technique to harness the power of subconscious mind to achieve goals, they demonstrated a few Asanas and Pranayama which all the participants practiced with zeal.