LSNG Memorial Lecture on 24th Oct 2017

A section of the audience
Chief Guest Mr. Kamal Basha's address
Dr. P. Ramesh honouring Mr. K Mnikandan
Electric Vehiles - Global Sales
Mr. K Mnikandan on Electric Mobility
Mr. S. Raghavan & family welcoming Mr. Sudarshan Guptha family
Mr. S. Rjasekaran felicitating Mr. K Mnikandan
Mrs Kiran welcoming Ms. Tharika, granddaughter of Gupthaji
Reduction in Ballery Cost
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LSNG Memorial Lecture on 24th Oct 2017 Shri LSN Guptha Memorial Lecture

NIQR Chennai Branch organised the Shri LSN Guptha Memorial Lecture Meeting on 24th October 2017, at Hotel Radha Regent Chennai. Mr. Mr. A. Kamal Basha, Head – Foundry Division, Ashok Leyland Ltd., was the Chief Guest. Mr. K. Manikandan, Head – Sourcing Development, Ashok Leyland Ltd., was the Guest Speaker. This year’s meeting had record gathering of 118 Members and Guests.

Mr. P. K. Aggarwal, National Persistent NIQR welcomed the gathering which included Mr. Sudershan Guptha, son of LSN Gupthaji and family members; he spoke about NIQR’s Industry 4.0 mission and made a special mention about the role of Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar towards achieving that.

Mr. G. Rangarajan, Past Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch shared with the audience the achievements of Late Shri L Satyanarayana Guptha in the fields of training and development and shared some of his pleasant memoirs with Gupthaji which included how he was encouraged by Gupthaji in opening NIQR Hosur Branch with 350 members.

Mr. Manikandan started his lecture on “Electric Mobility” with a video about the features of the latest E-car form Porsche. Emphasising to the audience that the session is not about technical details of E-car but the effects of electric mobility in various fields and the preparedness required, he stressed that like Industry 4.0 mission of NIQR, he will focus on sensitising people on electric mobility.

He dwelt on the evolution, the future and the impact of the EV Technology and disseminated the technical details to social, political, financial and aesthetical knowledge to the audience who were awestruck by the magnitude of each detail.
He explained the trend so far and forecast for the future in various aspects of electric mobility. The audience was moved a bit by the massive reduction in number of moving parts to 20 in E-car compared to 1000s in diesel vehicle. His explanation of the disruptive technological impact of various parameters like moving parts, battery life/cost, fossil fuel, lub oil, energy used, effect on emission did impact the audience which was reflected in the long Q&A session with some participants throwing up some complicated issues which the speaker answered brilliantly. At the end, Mr. P K Aggarwal, National President, NIQR posed an interesting question; what is the role of NIQR in the ‘Electric Mobility’ front? – we should start a sensitising mission like Industry 4.0.

Mr. A. Kamal Basha, the Chief Guest made us learn a bit more about Gupthaji with some wonderful narrations, a story on creativity and his BEACH BOY episode. It was nice of him to express crisply his memoirs during his training period.

The Sept-Oct Newsletter of NIQR Chennai Branch was released on the occasion by the Chief Guest.

Mr. C V Gowri Sankar, Secretary NIQR Chennai Branch proposed a vote of thanks.