NIQR Puducherry Branch the New EC Committee and its first Meeting

The Chairman of NIQR-Puducherry Branch issued the copies of the SOP booklet for the program conducted on 2nd and 3rd Feb 2024

New Office bearers conducting their first EC meeting on 02-02-2024

SOP Participants are writing the Pre-Test

As planned on 26th January 2024, Company executives organised a meeting on the evening of Friday the 2ndFeb 2024.


Shri. M. S. Sudhakaran, Managing Director of M/s Suja Shoei India PVT. Ltd, Pathiri,
Konerikuppam, Tindivanam was unanimously elected as the Chairman of NIQR-Puducherry Branch and Dr. V Swaminathan, Sr. National Vice President NIQR announced the other Office Bearers – list attached.

Then the new committee for 2024-267, conducted its first EC meeting and decided to work towards serving the Industrial Community in and around Puducherry with required training Programs and Guest Lectures. The Chairman also released the SOP booklet (to be given to the participants for the two-day SOP).

the First EC meeting of the Puducherry Branch was followed by a dinner hosted
by the Suja Shoei family.




Professional position


Mr. M. S. Sudhakaran


Managing Director, Suja Shoei Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Dr. B. Radjaram

Sr. Vice Chairman

Controller of Examination, Manakula Vinayagar Institute of


Mr. R. Ganesan

Vice Chairman

Consultant-NPD & TPM GangesInternational Pvt. Ltd


Mr. K. Ravichandran

Vice Chairman

President, Suja Shoei Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. A. Nadaraja


Partner, Murugan Engineering


Mr. K. Balasubramanian


AGM- Methods, Lucas TVS Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. VenkateshTekkalki

Joint Secretary

Plant Quality Manager PoclainHydraulics Pvt. Ltd.,

3.0 The First SOP program of the New EC

The zeal and hard efforts of the EC office bearers and the ECmembers coupled with the support of Dr. V. Swaminathan, Sr. National Vice President NIQR and Dr. V M Gunasekaran, thefirst SOP was conducted successfully with46 participants drawn from:

  • M/s Suja Shoei India,
  • PoclainHydraulics,
  • Lenovo India Ltd.,
  • Rane Brake Linings,
  • Manatac Electronic,
  • Murugan Engineering,
  • Viyay Industrial Controls,
  • Vapo Minerals,
  • Lucas-TVS,
  • UCAL Polymers,
  • RG Precision,
  • Q-Tech,
  • VRS,
  • Sulochana Industries,
  • Nikita Containers and
  • Classic Pack.        


The valedictory address was delivered by Mr. Dhanapal, Operations Head, EV, Lucas-TVS on 3rd Feb 2024
New Office bearers conducting their first EC meeting on 02-02-2024
Dr. V Swaminathan and Dr. V M Gunasekaran conducting the two-day Shop Operatives Program

There was active and enthusiastic involvement of the Participants. Dr. VS’ s sessions on Changing Scenario, Personality development and Shop-floor ethics held the participants intact and brought them to a state of mending their ways of conduct in the shop floor (this is from the feedback) and his teaching on QC tools & QC story approach were very interesting. Rane QC story was discussed. He called for conducting QC Story competition in the forthcoming days.

Dr. VMG taken the tutorials on 5S-Work place Organization which generated a debate session. The Waste identification and systematic elimination class ended with a home work. Out of 46participants 19 submitted the home work next day projecting 507kaizen opportunities. The Lean and TPM (Over view, AM & OEE Calculation) ended with active involvement by all.

The Two-day SOP was concluded with an apt and very interesting valedictory address by Mr. Dhanapal, Operations Head – EV of Lucas-TVS; he highlighted Quality is the Key to promote export which would eventually appreciate the Indian rupee.

M/s Lucas-TVS were generous in providing the training hall as well as Lunch and Tea with an institutional atmosphere. The smooth conduct of the two-day SOP was made possible by the generous support of Lucas-TVS and Dr. V Swaminathan’s concerted effort.


The group photo of the SOP participants