Quality For Industry 4.0 – No.1 at Hotel Jaya Pushpam, Chennai 19th November 2016

Quality For Industry 4.0 - No:1

Quality For Industry 4.0 – No.1 at Hotel Jaya Pushpam, Chennai 19th November 2016

The fourth industrial revolution refers to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and Business Operations. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things (IoT, IIoT) also cloud computing.  The advent of Industry 4.0 concepts is changing the face of the Industrial & Business scenario bringing in transparency in data management, accelerating the decision making and embarking into a paradigm shift from Manufacturing Quality to Service Quality. The various opportunities, the large extent of change and the elevated need for investments make the Industrial Internet one of the most important topics for corporate management.

The first significant driver for the advance of Industrial Internet solutions lies in the opportunity to integrate and better manage horizontal and vertical value chains. The digitization and interconnection of products and services (Internet of Things/Services) is a second important driver. Adapting Industry 4.0 frees up the minds of the people in the entire process chain so that the mind space is put to more productive use. As part of the Indian Industry, we need to embrace this global transformation to survive and to protect our competitive edge.


With the aim of sensitising the whole gamut of industries to the needs of transforming to the next industrial revolution, NIQR Chennai Branch is organising a training program; the program is also open to students of engineering and management colleges to enable them to become industry-ready. NIQR Chennai Branch has set its sight on educating 20K people in one year.

The first program was organised on 19th November 2016 at Hotel Jaya Pushpam, Koyambedu, Chennai. 175 participants from various industries including around 25 CEOs and entrepreneurs attended the one-day program. The program was coordinated by Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, Secretary, NIQR Chennai Branch.

The Inaugural function started with Dr. V. M. Gunasekaran, ECM, NIQR Chennai Branch welcoming the dignitaries and participants. Mr. K. Manikandan, Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch briefed the audience about the contents of the program and the importance of sensitising and freeing up the minds of the people so that the mind space is put to more productive use.

Dr. V. Swaminathan, National Vice President, NIQR introduced the Guest of Honour, Mr. K. N. Krishnamurthy, Former National President, NIQR and the Chief Guest, Dr. Vinod Surana, Partner & Chief Executive, Surana & Surana International Attorneys to the audience.

In his special address, Mr. K. N. Krishnamurthy explained to the audience present Indian Industrial Scenario and the importance of migrating to the Industry 4.0. Dr. Vinod Surana, in his presidential address complimented NIQR for its vision of educating 20,000 people and offered all help in implementing the same. He was forthright in his views that the advent of Industry 4.0 will not hamper shop floor job security but instead it will only add more jobs but in new fields.

The training program consisted of 4 modules namely:

  • Industry 4.0 – Need of the Hour
  • Introduction on Industry 4.0
  • Basic Quality Assurance Concepts and
  • Quality For Industry 4.0 & Way Forward

Mr. P.T. Bharaniperumal, ECM, NIQR Chennai Branch briefed about India’s Growth Potential and with examples, compared India’s GDP Growth vis a vis that of the World. He gave projections of per capita growth and key drivers of Auto Industry Growth.

Stressing on the urgent need of bringing under control the growing Skill Gap, he advocated that the Indian Industries have to play their role – Embrace Industry 4.0, which is the Need of the Hour.

Mr. G. Pandurengan, ECM, NIQR Chennai Branch started with the rise of the Factory System (1.0) in 18th Century and explained the advent of the Technological Revolution (2.0) in early 19th Century followed by the Digital Revolution (3.0). He dwelt on the “smart factory”(4.0) with effective use of Automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies which includes Cyber-Physical systems, the Internet of Things and cloud computing. He gave some examples and explained the benefits of I-4.0 in Manufacturing and Management.

Ms. K. Geetha, Engineer, CQ-Supplier Quality, Ashok Leyland Ltd. explained two examples of tool monitoring using cloud.

  1. Cutting Tool life monitoring in Traub machine by simple use of technology by providing digital counter unit.
  2. Die life monitoring. Once the number of strokes reaches the preset value it will stop the press automatically. All the presses in the press shop are integrated; monitoring of tool life becomes easier by using PLC and Barcoding system.

Dr. V. M. Gunasekaran, ECM, NIQR Chennai Branch explained the Basic Quality Assurance Concepts in three parts pertaining to Preparing for Quality, Pronouncing Customer Quality and Processing for Quality. He illustrated how life will be made easy in Industry 4.0 for applying these concepts and how the mind will be able to go to the next level.

After lunch, Mr. Balachandra Datta N S, VP (Corp Affairs) – Group Head of Hyundai Motor India addressed the participants and allayed the fears that jobs will be lost with the advent of I-4.0. He also gave some simple examples from his organisation to drive home the simplicity of I-4.0 concept wise and the importance of it in today’s Indian Industry.

Mr. K. Manikandan, Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch explained that the Basic Quality Management System will remain same; in fact, it will only become faster. Cloud will be used for storing and automatic analysing of basic data & give updates to concerned persons; even initiating next course of action, thereby freeing the mind space.

Mr. S. Rajasekaran, National Vice President NIQR helped the participants to migrate to the next level by narrating some examples from his own factory and explained how new jobs will be created in newer fields.

Mr. K N Kridhnamurthy addressing the audience

Mr. P. K. Aggarwal, National President NIQR presided over the valedictory function and praised the organisers for the wonderful program and set the bar high that we should educate 2 lakhs people in the years to come. He also distributed the Participation certificates to all.

Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, Secretary, NIQR Chennai Branch proposed a vote of thanks.