Shri LSN Guptha Memorial Lecture Meeting on 16th November 2018

Shri LSN Guptha Memorial Lecture

NIQR Chennai Branch organises Annual Lecture Meeting in memory of Shri L S N Guptha. This year it was organised on Friday, the 16 November 2018 at Hotel Radha Regent Chennai. Dr. Janani, Director, Rexpride Training & Development was the Guest Speaker. The topic was “Employee Engagement & Retention”.
Mr. R Sethuraman, Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch welcomed the gathering which included Mr. Sudershan Guptha, son of LSN Gupthaji and family members and spoke about Shri L S N Guptha and his great qualities as a trainer.

  • Mr. S Ganapathiappan welcomed the speaker, Dr. Janani with a bouquet;
  • Mr. Chezhiyan, ECM of Chennai Branch welcomed the Chief Guest, Mr. C. Rajendran;
  • Mr. N Jagannatha Rao, ECM of Chennai Branch welcomed Mr. Sudershan Guptha, son of LSN Gupthaji with a bouquet;
  • Mrs. A S Rao & Mrs. C V Gowri Sankar welcomed LSN Gupthaji’s family members with a bouquet.

Dr. A. Sanjeeva Rao, former National President, NIQR recalled his nostalgic memories with Shri L S N Guptha and his contribution to NIQR in its initial stages.
Prof. C Uthayakumar, ECM of Chennai Branch introduced the speaker Dr. Janani. Dr. Janani with over 20 years of combined teaching, training & counseling experience, brings a wealth of expertise to the training arena. She has an M.A., in English Literature, M.B.A., in Human Resource and Doctorates in Dermatoglyphics & Educational Services. She is currently the Director – REXPRIDE Training & Development.
Dr. Janani started her lecture creating in the audience a relaxed mood instead of laidback moods for normal HR lectures. She announced that she is not used to PowerPoint presentations and engaged the audience continuously for the next sixty minutes. The lecture was really meaningful to both corporate personnel and all the rest in their individual focus.
The detailed dissemination of DOPE (Dow, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) was well received by the audience. She enthralled the participants about the myth of time management.
Many in the audience would have decided to pursue clock management rather than the IMPOSSIBLE time management. The Q&A session was very lively and the MC had to request the audience to interact with Dr. Janani during dinner time.
Mr. R Sethuraman, Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch honoured the speaker with a shawl and memento.
Mr. P T Bharani Perumal, Chennai Branch Secretary introduced the Chief Guest of the event. Mr. C. Rajendran has 31 years of experience in the field of Quality and worked majority of the time with Automotive OEMs; 17 years with Maruti Suzuki, three years with Lucas TVS, six years with Renault Nissan & currently heading Supplier Quality, Ashok Leyland Limited.
The Chief Guest made the event great by his short and sweet talk. His methodology of identifying and nurturing the LEGEND IN YOU was well appreciated by the audience.
Mr. S. Rajasekaran honoured the Chief Guest with a shawl and memento.
Mr. P T Bharani Perumal proposed a vote of thanks.