Suzuki Endowment Lecture on 14th Feb 2018

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Suzuki Endowment Lecture On 14th Feb 2018

Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki Endowment Lecture

NIQR Head Quarters had organized the Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki Endowment Lecture on 14th February 2018 at Hotel Radha Regent Chennai. Mr. K. N. Krishnamurthy, Past National President – NIQR Chennai was the Chief Guest. Mr. R. Hemant Urhwareshe, Director, Institute of Quality & Reliability was the Guest Speaker.

Mr. K. Sridharan Balaji, National Secretary NIQR welcomed the guests and Dr. V. Swaminathan, National Vice President NIQR and spoke about Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki, his achievements, and contributions in reliability. He also read out a message from Suzuki. Mr. S. Rajasekaran, National Vice President – NIQR introduced the Chief Guest and Mr. K. Manikandan, Chairman – NIQR Chennai Branch introduced the speaker Mr. R. Hemant Urhwareshe to the audience.

Mr. KNK as he is fondly called gave an outline of Suzuki’s association with India and NIQR in particular and spoke about the importance of Reliability in today’s scenario.

The topic for the lecture was “Reliability Engineering Strategies for New and Current Products” and the three important sub-topics the speaker elaborated were; lessons from the past, Reliability Strategy for New Products and Reliability improvement in current products.

His analysis of learnings from certain NASA failures kept the audience interested; He listed out the tools to be used for new products like FMEA, Parts selection, Stress Strength analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Analysis led Design and Capable People and gave interesting tips on how to get the best from them for finding out the ‘reliability of a new product that the designer has not used so far’. His analysis of inter-relationship diagram was well received by the audience. He concluded with some briefing about ASQ certificates.

The Q & A session was made interesting with some information by the speaker about failure analysis in India.

Mr. K. Sridharan Balaji proposed a vote of thanks.