Suzuki Endowment Lecture

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Suzuki Endowment Lecture

Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki Endowment Lecture          

NIQR Head Quarters had organised the Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki Endowment Lecture on 7th January 2017 at Hotel Radha Regent Chennai. Mr. P. K. Aggarwal, National President – NIQR Chennai was the Chief Guest. Dr. N. Ravichandran, Director Indo Japan Lighting Private Limited, Chennai was the Guest Speaker.

Mr. K. Sridharan Balaji, NIQR National Secretary welcomed the guests. Dr. V. Swaminathan, National Vice President – NIQR spoke about Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki, his achievements and contributions in reliability.  Mr. G. Rangarajan, National Council member – NIQR introduced the speaker Dr. N. Ravichandran to the audience.

The topic for the lecture was “BUILDING “HIGH RELIABILITY” PRODUCTS” and Dr. NR, as he is fondly called, stressed on the importance of reliability in the competitive and open world. He explained how the world is eyeing from ‘Survival of the Fittest’ to ‘Survival of the Fastest’ in changing business conditions. He explained the CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS AND CHALLENGES in the perspective of Customers, Employees, Investors and Society.

Dr. Ravichandran gave a roadmap for BUILDING RELIABLE PRODUCTS, starting with understanding the NEED FOR RELIABLE PRODUCTS and building up reliability in the design stage itself. Detailing the steps required from manufacturing to analysing field failures, he explained how a ‘bottleneck part decides the reliability of the assembly. He concluded his lecture emphasizing that management must visibly and vocally support Reliability efforts in business system as well as personnel development.

The lengthy Q & A session was made interesting by practical and possible suggestions from Dr. NR.

Mr. K. Sridharan Balaji proposed the vote of thanks.