Transforming World

1 Dr. Sameer Mehta
2 Mr. Edwin Thankiah
3 Mr. P Nageshwar Rao
4 Mr. S Anand
5 Q&A
6 honoting of Mr. Edwin Thankiah
7 honoting of Mr. P Nageshwar Rao
8 honoting of Mr. S Anand
9 honoting of Dr. Sameer Mehta
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Transforming World

The second session, on the topic “Transforming World” was chaired by Dr. Sameer Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals.

Mr. Edwin Thankiah, CEO, Paladin Software,

Mr. P Nageshwar Rao, Chief Technology Officer & Program Manager, TAFE Limited and

Mr. S Anand, Vice President – TechVision Business, Frost & Sullivan were the speakers.

Mr. S. Kumar, Joint Secretary, NIQR Chennai Branch coordinated the session.